IAP #143 – The Orbital Strike is Back, For Real Now – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I talked about the January 29th PTS Update which brought us the first iteration of the Unstable Warpgates plus a slew of changes to the new LMGs and other miscellaneous bugs. I also talked about the Outfit disappearance bug and how I’m still being affected by it. Next I covered Wrel’s most recent live stream which is the basis for this week’s show title. I finished the show by doing a mini-rant about un-fun fights and then answered some listener e-mail about Construction.

Show Links:

January 29th PTS Update

Outfits Disappearing from Planetside 2

Wrel’s February 3rd Twitch Stream


  1. Ya tried the jackal’s BX adapter on pts. It still reduced magazine capacity and now it removes the silencer. Still useless. Perhaps you should check out the pts.

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