IAP #136 – The Last Cani – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I talked about the December 13th PC Hotfix that brought the inevitable Canis nerf to the game. Hopefully you auraxiumed it on day one. If not, the PS4 side still has the un-nerfed version. This hotfix also brought a lot of vehicle changes as well. Next I talked about Daybreak Game’s plans to fix the growing resentment of being stuck in VR Training when all continents are full followed by some Valkyrie specific talk regarding the Stealth changes. I finished up this week’s show talking about some potential upcoming new games that Daybreak Games is hiring for!

Show Links:

December 13th PC Hotfix

Koltyr & VR Training

Stealth Changes and the Valkyrie

Daybreak Games is Making Two New Online RPGs

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