IAP #127 – Time For a Culling – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I joined the rest of the Planetside 2 community in drooling over the new SMGs that D0ku created. Yes, we don’t know anything about them but they sure do look sexy. Next I talked about Wrel’s revelation that a UI Developer was hired by Daybreak Games and how I hope that person was handed a folder with all of Vindicore’s suggestions. After that I finished the show by talking about how I think it’s time for a culling or purge of old character names and outfits.

Show Links:

New Empire Specific SMGs by D0ku

Wrel Confirms That a UI Developer Has Been Hired by Daybreak Games

Vindicore’s Planetside Upgrade Project Website

Is It Time to Cull the Character Base?

Is It Time to Cull the Outfits Too?

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