IAP #118 – Team Killers Anonymous – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I talked about what I think will be in the upcoming “big announcement” from Daybreak Games about Planetside 2. I mean, I assume it’s a new Combined Arms Initiative update, but who really knows. Next I talked about how Planetside 2 made the list of FPS games to play in a recent PC Gamer article, Iridar’s newest New Player Guide and finally the current drama on Planetside 2 on the PlayStation 4. As the show title indicates, it included a lot of Team Killing.

Show Links:

PTS Update and Live Stream

Planetside 2 Listed in Top 5 Competitive FPS Games on PC Gamer

Iridar’s Planetside 2 Starter Guide

The Great Ban Event of 2017 in Planetside 2 on the PlayStation 4


  1. Hello Deringer, After watching the whole Dev live stream, the PS4 players are a bit concern on the new continent locking mechanic, that we dont have an option to do Hives (No Construction) currently. However the PS_Nicto did say that they are looking to form another alternative to start the alert without hives for PS4. I suggest that the PS4 side should have a Warhammer 40k VIP base capture point as oppose to having to gain a Hive point. Anyways I hope the Devs can give PS4 some love…

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