IAP #117 – Red Sky At Night, Player’s Delight – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I started off by ranting about Planetside 2 on the PlayStation 4, but I swear it’s not all bad, there are many things I like about PS2 on the PS4. I followed that up with some talk about the current state of FPS and hit registration on the PC side of the game and how it’s affecting me. This transitioned into a welcome for the new Community Coordinator, Roxxly. Next I talked about the new Indar sky that Wrel teased on Twitter and finished up with how you can “win” Planetside 2 on the PC without fighting and how that will change Soon™.

Show Links:

Performance Issues Since the Last Patch

New Indar Sky

You Don’t Have to Shoot Anyone to “Win” Planetside 2

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