IAP #116 – So Long RadarX, and Thanks for All the Fish – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I bid goodbye to Community Manager Tony “RadarX” Jones. Someone I enjoyed working with and someone who was always there to support this podcast and my previous endeavors. You will be missed. In addition to that sad news, I did cover the July 26th PC Game Update, the July 31st PC Hotfix and a discussion about the changes Blizzard recently made to Overwatch’s Reporting and Penalty system that could be adapted to Planetside 2. All that plus a new listener voicemail about everyone’s favorite topic: Close Quarters Combat.

Show Links:

July 26th PC Game Update

July 31st PC Hotfix

Overwatch Reporting & Penalty System Improvements Coming

Tony “RadarX” Jones Steps Down as Community Manager of Daybreak Games

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