IAP #112 – Hallelujah! – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I kicked off the July 4th celebration with coverage of Planetside 2’s Freedombration welcoming back the Patriot Camo, one of my favorites. Next, and this is the reason for a Hallelujah, I covered the Playstation 4 Game Update which brought PS2onPS4 players a slew of new toys and long awaited game changes. Next I covered the June 29th PC Hotfix and June 30th PTS updates and finished with a bunch of new listener e-mail.

Show Links:

Join the Freedombration

June 29th and 30th PS4 Game Update

June 29th PC Hotfix

June 30th PTS Update

More Pink Fairies Hijinks, Freewalker Launching a Sunderer Over a Wall

Great Holy War Against Planetmans by ShadowInsignius

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