IAP #110 – Angry Engineers Anonymous – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I talked about the June 14th PC Hotfix which brought a slew of fixes for bugs that were introduced in the last game update and also a big buff to the NSX Tengu, my new favorite gun (for now). Next I talked about the issues Intel i3 and older CPU users were experiencing. After that I talked about the removal of weapons lock and it’s replacement with something more final. I finished with my complaint about rank 5 of the Robotics Technician implant which is the impetus for this week’s show title. All that plus some new listener e-mail and an Instant Action Podcast first, Planetside 2 Dad Jokes.

Show Links:

June 14th PC Hotfix

Players with i3 or Older CPUs Unable to Play

No More Weapons Lock

Robotics Technician

The Pink Fairies Do It Again: Game Science!

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