IAP #105 – No Implants For You – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I talked about the May 11th PC Hotfix which introduced a new set of Implant rewards for new players and how this hotfix has angered a lot of the veterans. Then I covered the recent Construction play test that was performed on the Playstation 4. Finally I talked about the newest Implant to appear on the Public Test Server, confirming that Nightmare was not the Infiltrator implant. All that plus some great new listener e-mail.

Show Links:

May 11th PC Hotfix

You Will Not Receive Implant Packs for Finished Directives

Playstation 4 Construction Tests

New Implant on the Public Test Server


  1. Vehicle Zerg Spawn Conundrum could be solved by PS1 Style Nanite Silo’s for Bases.. If the base Nanites Ran Dry you couldn’t pull anything requiring nanites.

    It made ANT’s THE INTEGRAL and necessary part of the game.. The construction system is garbage. It should be in place to beef up defense at bases – not just create pseudo bases with little purpose or value other than VP.

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