IAP #104 – Celebrating 2 Years of the Instant Action Podcast – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I first celebrated two years of podcasting as the Instant Action Podcast, an awesome milestone that cements me as the longest running Planetside 2 podcaster. Next I covered Bryan Burness’ post asking for feedback on the PTS Construction changes. Then I covered Wrel’s musings on the Resource system and potentially the Combined Arms Initiative. I then covered two older topics that I hadn’t had a chance to talk about: Region locking in H1Z1 and Non-Pay-2-Win ways to generate income in Planetside 2. All that plus one of the greatest voicemails I have ever received, hands down.

Show Links:

Bryan Burness is Looking for Feedback on the Current PTS Construction Changes

Wrel’s Thoughts on the Resource System

Region Locking in H1Z1

Non-Pay to Win Ways to Generate Income in Planetside 2

Enter Here to Win 2,000 Daybreak Cash (2 Winners!)

One Comment:

  1. At about the 15 minute mark of this episode, you do some talking about the type of vehicle spawning Wrel suggested, and make it clear that you’re strongly against this direction. I know there’s already a lot of discussion on Reddit, but I’d like to argue against you for a second here anyway.

    I think this direction could actually be a great one for the game. I main engineer, and I spend a lot of time in and around vehicles, be it mine or the enemy’s. In my experience, vehicles are fun to fight as both infantry and other vehicles, except in the cases where an enormous armor ball is present. Often times this isn’t a coordinated thing, in my experience these armor balls form when people have just captured a base and everyone is trying to get to the next one. Everyone pulls a massive amount of armor and the fight at the next base ends up being dominated by them. The fight at Regent Rock is the first one to come to mind for me. With Wrel’s suggested system in place, the massive blob of armor sitting outside the tower would be reduced significantly due solely to convenience.

    If someone really wanted to pull a tank, and the tanks at the base they’re at are all fielded, going back a base to pull is still an option, it’s just not something people will do without thinking. I assume that with a system like this, armor will always be available at the Warpgate. This way armor can be pulled as long as you have the nanites, and the BR 15 can have his uncerted viper lightning without being a huge hindrance to the team, but pulling armor requires people to be a little bit more deliberate and thoughtful, which is what I think Wrel is going for here.

    I like to think a system like this would also vitalize logistics, open up the possibility for interdiction, and give construction roadblocks a role in ways that the current unlimited armor from one base system doesn’t.

    Hope I was cohesive and not too rambly there.
    Love the podcast, keep it up!

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