IAP #099 – I is for Implants – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I spent a while talking about the March 30th PC Game Update which brought us Orbital Strikes (FINALLY!), a new Implant system, Hardlight Barriers (New Toys!) and more. Then I covered the March 31st PTS Update which brought three huge changes to the game, Sunderer No-Deploy Zones, Forward Stations for Medics and Continent bonus changes, plus more. Then I re-hashed the most recent Developer Live Stream and gave my initial thoughts on the new Implant system and how it affected me on day one. All that plus listener e-mail and a build up to episode 100 next week!

Show Links:

March 30th PC Game Update

March 31st PTS Update

March 31st Developer Live Stream

Louey’s Adventures in Orbital Strikes


  1. Talk about an exciting week huh?

    That Forward Stations seems to be a reason I’ll probably take out the Archer out more to destroy these Forward Station.

    To be honest, I always feel the Medic class should be kinda of a Tactician Class as well just like how the Forward Station is right now.

    All of those continent bonus changes are kinda disappointing to hear, however! If they moved all of it towards Hossin as a bouns lock. Then Hossin will probably will be played more just for those bonus.

    And Gezz… The moment the Devs said that they are going to bring all PC updates towards PS4 as a main priority. Its going to be one hell of a patch that might bring massive bugs into the platform. But I am excited that my main platform is getting an update (finally).

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