IAP #097 – Are You Not Entertained? – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I was joined by Buzzcutpsycho, leader of The Enclave, a rather large outfit on the Emerald server, to discuss Planetside 2 in general, Redeployside, Monetization, the New Player Experience, Construction and much more. I will apologize in advance for my audio quality during the interview. I was having microphone issues. Regardless, I feel that this is another must listen episode of the podcast.

Show Links:

The Enclave

BuzzCutPsycho’s Twitch Channel


  1. Great show! I’d never heard of this Buzz-Cut-Psycho guy, he makes a lot of interesting points. Redeployside is definitely a problem that could be solved with a minimum cooldown of 5 minutes.

    Anyway, Episode 100 is just three episodes (two if you read this on episode 98) away, any plans?

  2. Resources for instant action + maybe a change timer doesn’t seem that bad. It prevents large outfits from redeploying because players are always going to have inconsistent resources, while allowing more casual solo players to get around easier.

  3. Is it really safe to be doing a podcast in the middle of a freeway?

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