IAP #095 – Not All Chinese Players Are Bad Bad Bad – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I reminded everyone that I’ll be at PAX East next weekend and will do a PAX East themed show next week. This week however I talked about BuzzCutPsycho’s announcement that he and The Enclave might come back to Planetside 2. I also talked about Pattyfathead Neverlevel’s video about micro flow and Wrel’s video about the reason behind the TI Alloy changes. Finally I talked about an inspirational post from LovelornApostle that also includes some good, simple ideas for the game.

Show Links:

BuzzCutPsycho Coming Back to Planetside 2?

Pattyfathead Neverlevel’s Video on Micro Flow

Wrel’s Video on the New TI Alloys

LovelornApostle’s Post on the Official Forums

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