IAP #094 – Spawn in the Bunker, Meathead – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I talked about the small PC Hotfix on February 21st that brought us no new content but some important stuff nonetheless. Then I spent the majority of the rest of the show talking about the February 24th Public Test Server (PTS) Update which brought us Hardspawn Bunkers, Ikanam changes, Implant changes and much more. Next I talked about Implant conversion rates into ISO-4 and why they will be tweaked and finished with Josh Kreigshauser’s most recent blog post that took him a year to write. All that plus some new listener e-mail.

Show Links:

Spreadshirt Store

February 21st PC Hotfix

February 24th PTS Update

Josh Kreigshauser’s Blog

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