IAP #091 – Vindicating This Game Update – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I was joined by Vindicore, creator of the Planetside Upgrade Project website and leader of the Vindicators, a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on the Emerald Server. We spent some time going over the February 2nd PC Game Update which has rubbed quite a few players the wrong way. We then talked about the Planetside Upgrade Project and how Vindicore comes up with his ideas and great designs. We also talked briefly about a PS2onPS4 survey and the status of Orbital Strikes after the most recent PTS playtest. All that plus some listener e-mail.

Show Links:

February 2nd PC Game Update

Planetside Upgrade Project

Biggest Issue Facing PS2onPS4 Poll

Orbital Strikes on the PTS

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