IAP #077 – Cats And…Turrets? – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I talked a lot about my experiences with the new NSX Naginata. First I hated it, I never loved it but now I tolerate it’s existence in my loadout screen. Next I talked about the return of the Rocklet Rifle to the PTR and the launch of Excyclopaedia Auraxia’s website. I finished with a mini-rant on the state of video gaming in my busy/poor adult life.

Show Links:

NSX Naginata

Rocklet Rifle Returns to the PTS

Encyclopeadia Auraxia


  1. I found it funny when you called it the “The grinder” because my outfit has always called them the “kill doors” being the ones having to go through the doors and not the ones farming from them.

    • That’s why I realized I had to clarify what I was talking about because everyone seems to call it something different! I was running with JOKE the other night and I said “Ammo is on the grinder” and they said “Which one?” LOL

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