IAP #071 – Saint Wrel – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I started by covering the extremely small September 15th hotfix and then spent the rest of the majority of the show talking about all the changes Wrel has in store for the game, basically improving underpowered weapons to give us a better game. I finished with my initial thoughts of Legion and why you should be playing it too.

Show Links:

September 15th Hotfix

TRAP Buffed

ZOE Changes

Valkyrie Changes

Motion Spotter Changes

World of Warcraft: Legion

One Comment:

  1. Heathens! VANU is the only true way. Who was it who brought us nanites, VANU. Spawn tubes, VANU. Wrel is but the hand of the great enlightened ones.

    With your Blasphemy out of the way, great show. I know everyone’s celebrating the Wrel memes but I’m just sitting here waiting for the R34 and dev fan fiction.

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