IAP #068 – Persistence of Time – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I was joined by Robo of Ghosts of the Revolution to talk about whether or not the Devs are ignoring the PS2onPS4 players and how much we love the new Global Camo Selector UI. Then we spent a lot of time talking about Robo’s ideas to introduce more persistent fights to Planetside 2. We finished up with another round of Hate Tell Theater and some listener e-mail.

Are the Devs Paying Attention to the PS4 Side of the Game?

New Global Camo Selector UI

Anthrax – Persistence of Time


  1. Connery: [CIK] Loach505, Genudine: [RMA] Loach505

    So long as the PS4 version is so ridiculously behind the curve compared to PC, the PS4 and PC versions are effectively completely different games. Due to that reason merging the subreddits into one is a bad idea. For crying out loud the PS4 version lacks fireteam support, which has been in the PC version for around 8-10 months now. You cannot tell who is in your vehicle, it will not say. The game bluescreens VERY often, over a year after release. Chat crashes around 2-4 times an hour, sometimes so bad you’ve gotta restart the game client. These are issues native to the PS4 version, which if the subreddits were merged, you’d see nothing but about. You’d then find the PC players pissed about so many completely irrelevant posts to them. If the PS4 version wasn’t so ridiculously behind the curve, then a merging I think would be in order.

  2. I got tuns of ways thay can make map to map ladis work like in ps1 ish but I need to get on my mic or it will be a big miss spell fest tex wall.. but if the devs make the VR maps into sanks to thay can link the ladis from the VR and even add a WG and start new players in VR/sank …and its a lie wen thay say thay cant do it with out 9 maps thay can do it with 4 + maps but thay can get it started till thay get more maps then thay can start eech empier with 1 map ech from VR/sank links butt its beter to just chat with me on the mic and I can go way deeper so my ingame name is dd03 on emreld vanu nerd 4 life.. and don’t let them tell u thay cant do map2map ladis I can showe them meny ways thay can pull it off with just 4 maps and using VR for sanks but the more maps the betr ssoo send me a tell end we can go deep on the devs buts. I miss the big picher of PS1 and the feeling of every map being linkd up ..thiss point system is not real war realisem its just rong hers a idea y not make it so if u can get a hive up nex to the enemy WG it will start a timer that will kik em off the map if thay don’t get rid of it in time it will kik that emper of the map. but thay can still come back but if u can kik both of b4 thay 1 comes back u will win that map.. or hold 1 real bace with a hive closs to the enemy WG u kik that epier of the map then do it to the uther emper with in a time limit and u win that map gg 🙂 o ya im a builder so if u want sum tips and trix all be on the PTS testing my new bace sett ups with the new build stuff:) I played landmark so u no i love to build. i bin having fun on the TPS playing OS the frenldy baces b4 thay OS u 🙂 the devs need to make it so u cant target friendly with the canon or OS a fix might be that it scans for frendly with a timer or sumthing so it just wont shoot if eney friendly or frenldy bace stuff in the blast AOE ..and make the canon so if its hiting friendlys it will stop shooting or the hate tells will be real pepl will stand in it just to troll u and i love your showe:) c u in game

  3. ok so if thay added 6 WGs to all the maps in a sercel around the edges of the maps then make VR into a sank then thay can do continental ladis that will giv em freedom to link things up right then thay can make the map to map links and the sank/VR home map links randomize or shuffles the links wen stuff resets its self so u don’t start in the same spot evey time things resets. and thay may want to us that new player map kotir or sum thing for sumthing and make a clone of it for the new players and us the other clone for linking up to stuf .the more maps the better sher its not PS1 but thay can get things stared till thay get moer maps and make it feel like a epic big feel us ps1 vets miss and tell robo to send me a tell ingame im dd03 emreld vanu and we can go deep on the devs asses i got so meney ideas on haw to make thiss work i even got a pen out and skecht it all out on paper and thay can do it with 4 maps but the moer maps the biger and beter it will feel and work 🙂

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