IAP #060 – Like A Candle In The Wind… – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I talked about the new Triumph Flare Gun that was teased by DarkTexas, brought you a public service announcement regarding third party key selling sites and finally did homage to Planetside. It’s closure on July 1st was one of the saddest days of my life. I’ll miss you Planetside.

Show Links:

New Flare Guns

June 30th Account Suspension Wave

The Death of Planetside 1

One Comment:

  1. Damn Deringer! back at it again with them feels (T_T)
    Thanks for reading out my previous comment. I searched for pictures and gameplay of the thresher and . . . . . *OMFG!* We need ESBs (empire specific buggy). Oh great Vanu, how could you keep this from us. I shall claim this comment section in your name. Perhaps it will appease you.

    *Shoots new flare gun with VS logo*

    P.S It’s pronounced 2t0 ( two-to )

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