IAP #058 – R.I.P. Planetside 1 – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I covered the first of two PlayStation 4 Planetside 2 game updates that brought players the new Indar. I also covered the HUGE PC hotfix that fixed my most hated bug and the PTS update with Decoy Grenade changes among other things. Finally, I reported the sad news about Planetside 1, my most favorite game of all time. R.I.P. old friend.

Show Links:

June 13th and 15th PS4 Game Update

June 15th PC Hotfix

June 15th PTS Update

Planetside 1 Closure


  1. Please mention this in housekeeping next episode
    I’ve never played Planetside 1 but the fact that it is what lead to the creation of Planetide 2 makes a bit sad to see it go. This is just a thought but perhaps another way to pay homage it would be to make PS1 style vehicle cosmetics and perhaps construction objects available in to players (perhaps for free). Just an idea.

    Oh . . . This comment section now belongs to the VS (since I’m the only one who ever seems to comment)

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