IAP #057 – Rumble in the Jungle 2.0 – Planetside 2

On this week’s episode I welcomed back the Planetside Issue Tracker with open arms and hopefully with more dev support. I also covered an interesting reddit post about Black Ops integration with the server switching idea. Next I read an e-mail from GeoTheDude1 about the PlayStation 4 even “Rumble in the Jungle”. I finished up with some Destiny news that I’m excited about and some more listener e-mail.

Show Links:
Planetside 2 Issue Tracker Returns

Black Ops

PS4’s Rumble in the Jungle Event

Destiny: Rise of Iron Expansion Announced


  1. Do these comments count as housekeeping? Nevermind, I come in anyway. I heard this on soundcloud the other day and thought you and your listeners might enjoy it

  2. I forgot to put a link in my previous comment. May VANU have mercy. https://soundcloud.com/uncrownedprince91/sets

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