IAP #052 – 52: A Very ReachCast Reunion – Planetside 2

On this week’s show I was joined by two special guests to celebrate 1 year of the Instant Action Podcast, Torkz (Adam) and Noxx (Tom) from back in the ReachCast days and we had a very special episode of the Instant Action Podcast. The clean tag is OFF for this one because those two are pretty vulgar. We managed to cover some Planetside 2 topics including the new Ping indicator and the new Planetside Battles BaseSmash format. We also talked about the two new trailers from Call of Duty and Battlefield. All that and I snuck in a new game of everyone’s favorite: Hate Tell Theater! I won’t spoil who won but it’s a must listen, especially with the clean tag off. I hope you guys enjoy this week’s show as much as Adam, Tom and I did!

Show Links:

Ping Indicators Upgraded

Planetside Battles BaseSmash – Command & Conquer Style

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare vs. Battlefield 1


  1. Thanks for the advanced warning.

  2. Miniature Action Jesus

    I demand a ReachCat Memorial decal by DBG right meow!

    • Good luck with that! I talked to Noxx about it actually and he wasn’t as against it as he was in the past. I think we’d need a real artist to do it LOL.

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