IAP #043 – Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

On this week’s episode I talked about the March 2nd PC Game Update which brought us the NS-61 Emissary and Map Drawing along with some pistol updates, I also covered Wrel’s in-depth review of the Emissary along with his design notes, went over BITES’ post on Reddit about changing the ghost capping zerg mentality through XP scaling and closed the show with some e-mail and voicemail.

Show Links:

March 2nd PC Game Update

Wrel’s NS-61 Emissary Design and Review Video

“The Encroaching Storm” or “How I Watched FPS Slowly Die in Planetside”


  1. “I saw som many penises in game and we all knew they were cumming” Did he rly just do that lol!?

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