IAP #034 – So Long 2015

On this week’s episode I did a full re-cap of Planetside 2 and Daybreak Games in 2015. Topics include the Guinness World Record, Matt Higby resigning, how this podcast got started and my most downloaded episode of 2015. Thanks for listening in 2015 and I look forward to doing more of the same this year!

Show Links:

Planetside 2 Sets Guinness World Record

SOE Becomes Daybreak Games Company

Matt Higby Resigns

April Game Update

The Instant Action Podcast Goes Live

Anti-MAX Month

Planetside 2 Launches on the PlayStation 4

Sunderer Cloak and Burst Weapon Buffs

John Smedley Steps Down

Luke Sigmund’s 2015 Update Post

New Anti-Vehicles Weapons and NS R3 Swarm Rocket Launcher

Xander Clauss Returns to Daybreak Games


Danny Han Explains the Origins of the Planetside Factions

Bryan Burness Interview

December PTS Update

Map Drawing in 2016


  1. Hey, just started playing planetside2.
    Really cool game. Very inhospitable enviroment for new players, but I stuck with it and got a bunch of advice from players in game.
    I think I’m over the worst hump of the learning curve and now I’m totally psyched with the game.
    thx for hte news updates! keep em coming.

    • There’s definitely a learning curve and some of the veterans can be pretty jerky, but glad you stuck with it. It only gets easier, especially if you are part of a good Outfit. Thanks for listening!

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