IAP #031 – Re-Launch Planetside 2?

On this week’s show I talked briefly about the December 10th hotfix which brought changes to alerts and victory points, spent some time discussing Wrel’s latest video about a possible re-launch of Planetside 2, listened to a long listener voicemail full of Playstation 4 thoughts and finished with some listener e-mail covering population declines.

Show Links:

December 10th PC Hotfix

Wrel’s “Planetside 2 Needs a Re-Launch in 2016” Video on YouTube

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  1. New weapons? New continents? New vehicles? Come on man, there is already a TON of weapons in the game and they´re all fine! New continents, sure, so the pop can be stripped down more. We have enough continents, really. Maybe a new one JUST for marketing purpose, content wise we already have enough. I´d be in for new vehicles, but rather having the NS vehicles being replaced by ES vehicles. Each empire gets a “Flash” and a Harasser. But really, imho, Wrel talks alot of rubbish.

    • I still stand by my argument that a new continent is pretty much mandatory at this point. The original Planetside had 10, we have 4 currently. They’ve teased Searhus and Oshur already and Cyssor is in the Lore.

      I can go either way on new weapons, but I do think more vehicles aren’t a bad thing either and I would throw money at them for a Thresher.

  2. Show me the PhysX that I payed $500.00 for & DX11 to get my money… not this directive stuff or weapons. We have too many weapons as it is. And to many options for looks.

    The people want FLASH and BANG graphics for there money not winky graphics I can get that anywhere. Why in the hell are the DEV’s so stupid about graphics.
    If I wanted winky graphics I would have not bought a $500.00 video card….!!!

    Make the dam game run on 4 & 6 cores .. are the DEV’s that stupid… !

    UN-NERF the weapons in the game and take away the fight lines….

    • I would love to see PhysX back in the game and optimization for DX11, but I don’t see them devoting resources to it any time soon. They’ve made their bed on the engine they chose.

      As for graphic beauty, how is that working for Star Wars Battlefront? All glitz and no substance made that into a poor game.

      I still think we need a new continent.

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