IAP #015 – That’s Not My ANT

On this week’s show I talked about Smedley’s departure from Daybreak Games, Luke Sigmund’s 2015 update which included the new and improved ANT and other goodies, the HE/HEAT projectile speed changes and I also talk about why one of my most anticipated games of 2014, yes 2014, isn’t out yet.

Show Links:

John Smedley Leaves Daybreak Games

2015 Update

Increase to Tank HE/HEAT Projectile Speeds

Why is Star Citizen Taking So Long?


  1. I agree that splash damage / radius should be restored. I find it quite stupid that a TANK / Rocket / Liberator / Galaxy.. etc can shoot a HE round next to an infantry with no shields and it won’t kill them.

    I find that they are doing a lot of balance changes based on the current resource system, even though this resource system is only in phase 1.

    I was always on the stance that vehicles in Planetside 2 should be quality over quantity. Quality meaning that vehicles should be more valuable, when I see a tank, it’s a cert pinata instead of a real threat. I remember when I used to see a liberator fly over I would duck inside as quick as possible.. Now I stand out in the open with a rocket launcher to get an easy kill.

    Now a days when I kill a vehicle I will usually see him again within a minute, which diminishes the great feeling of killing vehicles in the first place and also causing people to scream for nerfs.

    Anyways that’s my /rant. Thanks for the great podcast!

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      I also think tanks should be quality over quantity and it does diminish that feeling of killing a plucky foe only to see them back on you fast. I find this goes more for Air than Tanks though.

  2. Splash damage is a major balance issue in this game, virtually all OP ai weapons were splash damage.

    Big part is the fact that they can’t do damage fall off on the splash damage due to tech limitations (that was the reason the PPA was OP, that also is the reason why they nerfed the PPA in an idiotic way).

    Without the tech to apply damage fall off on splash damage, I will never agree with people arguing the HE/HEAT weapons should get their splash back, because it ALWAYS will result in assholes shelling bases from a hill.

    I much rather see a coaxial gun on tanks than old splash damage…

    You did argue that bases are good enough, I strongly disagree 😐 I only know of a couple bases I can’t get a magrider to camp and I get a lightning in many of the others as well…

    • I won’t disagree that splash damage is a balance issue. In the beginning it was way too far in the OP direction. I know I pushed 300 kills one night with one single HE Prowler back in my Imperial Reach days, but I feel the nerf has gone beyond the benefit at this point. There are too many counters to vehicles at this point. I’d be all for increasing the resource costs for all vehicles while making them deadlier than they currently are. If that means bringing back some added splash damage, so be it.

      I will admit that I’m speaking from an organized outfit standpoint. We don’t fear ANY vehicles in BAX and it’s more a game to see who downs the vehicle first. I think a game is flawed when infantry don’t fear vehicles, which by definition should be superior to them.

      I second the coax gun but I also would prefer to see the old gunner style like Planetside 1 where the driver drives and fires the secondary while the gunner operates the turret. I had many fun nights with my brother, driving Vanguards and working like a well oiled machine.

      As for bases, good enough is definitely my opinion, and I wasn’t taking Magriders into account when I voiced that opinion, so I’ll take the criticism there. But I do think that many Lightnings get stuck in odd locations in bases currently and become C4 fodder before they do any real damage. I think bases have come a long way to prevent camping and I’m rarely camped by MBTs anymore.

      As Malorn stated in my Reddit post, maybe the velocity buff is good enough and splash damage doesn’t need to be looked at. I’m content that they are even still looking at Tank viability at this point.

      Good to see you on here Joske and thanks for being a long time fan 🙂

      • Late response, a response anyway.

        Just one remark: you don’t get camped by mbts because HE is nerfed, unnerf HE and you will get camped again :p

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