IAP #008 – Smashing eSports

On this week’s episode I talk about the squad spawn changes and my personal thoughts, Planetside Battles’ announcement of their 2015 tournament, Ascendancy’s MAX Suit tracker and a new eSports betting service. BRB checking bank account.

Show Links:

Negator Wants to Talk About Squad Spawn Changes

Planetside Battles 2015 ServerSmash Tournament Announced

Ascendancy’s MAX Tracker

eSports Betting Site Unikrn Receives Additional $7 Million Investment

As always, thanks for listening!


  1. You mentioned that the Valkyrie is faster then the Galaxy, I have to correct you there, even a flash is faster then a Valkyrie. The Valkyrie has great potential but I think it needs some changes, there are guns on that thing that are worse then the Duster. I personally like the idea of adding the option to change the gun or passenger seats for more speed/afterburners.

  2. You are correct that the Flash is the fastest but when you add the fact that the Flash can’t go over mountains effectively, the Valkyrie has it beat.

    I was talking with an Outfit member who said he was going to submit an email about ways to improve the Valkyrie. Once I get that, I’ll revisit how bad this flying death trap really is.

    Thanks for listening!

  3. Thanks for the reply! Make sure to check out this thread https://www.np.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/3dswqf/all_valk_guns_auraxiumed_feedback/ by Khall, he auraxiumed all guns and the Valkyrie itself. He seriously is an expert on Valkyries and it’s loads of fun flying with him. I’m sure he would be willing to fly you arround or answer questions if you contact him (jestersnc.com for ts3).

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