IAP #007 – #PS2onPS4 with RadarX

On this week’s episode Deringer talks about the upcoming PTS changes including Sunderer Cloaking Modules, the farce of a launch that was Batman: Arkham Knight and welcomes his first guest, Tony “RadarX”, the Community Manager for Planetside 2, to talk about the launch on the PS4 as well as playing the first Instant Action Podcast game, Hate Tell Theater.

Show Links:

June 24th PTS Patch Notes

Batman: Arkham Knight Pulled from Stores


  1. The 50ct charge in Germany is really not DBGs fault. It’s a German law which is simply not up-to-date in this case. Besides that we have other stupid shit like cencored games (Fallout, Southpark, Wolfenstein etc) and not beeing able to see certain YouTube videos thanks to GEMAs fucked up music rights law.

    • Understood. It was still amusing from my perspective to see a Free 2 Play game costing any amount of money. There was also a bit of backlash on Twitter from a few German players which was surprising after RadarX told me that for the 50ct you get a bundle of in-game items as compensation.

      Thanks for listening!

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