IAP #006 – 600 Meters, Idiot!

On this week’s episode of the Instant Action Podcast Deringer talks about the June patch which brought the NS-AM7 Archer, Tank Mines detonating on MAX Suits and Spawn changes to live, the revelation that Sticky Bombs are dealing double damage, some additional potential LMG changes for the Test Server and PC Games at E3. Oh and Dirty Bomb.

Show Links:

June 17th Update

Sticky Grenades Applying Damage Twice

Additonal (Potential) LMG Changes for the PTS

E3 PC Game Panel


  1. Wow I didn’t know you were back into podcasting. I am motivated to pick up Planetside 2 again it just has not been the same without reachcast.

    • Its the same game but a lot has changed. It’s worth checking out again if you’ve taken some time off. And I’m definitely back! I missed doing it too much.

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