IAP #002 – Praise the Carv, Buff Malorn

Deringer is back wishing all our veterans a glorious Memorial Day and a huge thanks for your service. Besides BBQing in his backyard he took the time to talk about the May Patch bugs, his first impressions on the Sunderer Deployment Inhibitor (SDI), reviewed Malorn’s post on Reddit which discussed ways to end Redeployside and drooled over the new NS Anti-Materiel Rifle.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who downloaded last week’s show. There are many more to come! Also, thanks again to those using the Support the Show tab, every donation or Amazon use is much appreciated.

Show Links:

Bugs Introduced in the May Patch

Sunderer Deployment Inhibitor (SDI)

Fixing Redeployside in 3 Easy Steps by Malorn

NS Anti-Materiel Rifle

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