The Instant Action Podcast is a weekly show that aims to highlight the latest News and Community events in the Planetside 2 universe. From Patch Notes to Server Smashes to the Official Forums to the /r/Planetside Reddit, we strive to keep our listeners informed on the good, the bad and the overpowered aspects of Planetside 2. In addition, expect occasional guests with unique perspectives on the game and the community in general. We also understand that Planetside 2 is not the only game that people play, so expect additional gaming news covering the hot topics of the week.

Your host Mark, a.k.a. Deringer, has years of podcasting experience under his belt, most recently as a co-host of the ReachCast Show, which saw moderate success bringing listeners the latest and greatest in the Planetside universe and it’s community. Mark played the original Planetside as New Conglomerate with the outfit Knights of the Revolution and still counts many of those players as friends outside of the game. He jumped at the chance to play Planetside 2 and first started playing with the Terran Republic outfit [IR] Imperial Reach on Waterson (now Emerald). His alt, a Vanu Sovereignty character on Helios (now Connery), became his main shortly after launch and played primarily with the outfit [DPS0] Dropping Purple Smoke. Currently Mark plays all three factions equally on the Emerald Server. His highest ranked character, YesIamThatDeringer, is a longstanding member of the pre-eminent New Conglomerate outfit [BAX] Black Arrows. His Terran Republic character, DeringerTR, plays with [JOKE] The Jokers and his Vanu Sovereignty character, TheDeringer, plays with [J0KU] Jokuza.

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Thanks for listening and don’t stop spamming that Instant Action button in game!

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